Airveda Energy Meter Monitor

Introducing Airveda Energy Meter Monitor. Our Energy Meter Monitor simplifies energy management by seamlessly capturing and transmitting usage data to the Airveda cloud.

Airveda PM2.5, PM10, and Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Light and Noise Monitor
Monitor Energy Usage

View energy data real-time in Airveda dashboards.

  • Monitor energy usage of each system and as well as overall usage over time.
  • Compare against baseline data to identify cost savings.
  • Be alerted to issues proactively for immediate resolution.
  • Access to real-time data can also be used for cloud based automation and energy modelling.

Made In India - Locally Manufactured & Serviced

Airveda monitors are completely manufactured and serviced in India. Sensors are also calibrated locally to suit Indian conditions. Our manufacturing facility has been running for 30 years and is a trusted name in the local industry.

Dashboards And T.V. Displays

Our state of the art Dashboards provide complete analytics, alerts, ability to download data, see trends and understand performance wrt standards. TV displays provide flexible templates which can be customised easily to show data to occupants on TVs. These features require purchase of our Data plan. Please talk to our team if interested to learn more.

Model Number: AV-EN-MB

Here's a concise table highlighting the major features of the Energy Meter Dashboard:

Project IntegrationEasily add energy meters to projects for seamless monitoring of energy usages along with air quality.
Baseline ComparisonTrack improvements by comparing new usage against established baseline.
Cost AnalysisSpecify cost per kWh to calculate total energy savings and financial insights.
Per-system monitoringSpecify the system for each energy meter for granular tracking of energy usage.


Technical Specifications

  • Measurement
    • Measurement parameters: Energy
    • Energy
      • Unit: Kwh
      • Range: 000000000.0 Kwh - 99999999.9 Kwh
      • Resolution: 0.1 Kwh
      • Working Principle: Reads data from Energy meter via Modbus and sends it to the cloud using Wi-Fi/GSM as needed.
  • Power

    • Power
      • Charger Input: Input AC: 110-240V, 0.3A, 50-60Hz 5V/2A (Charger)
      • Charger Output: Output DC: 5V-2A (max) connected to the device via micro USB socket
      • Power Consumption : 8 Watt (Peak Power)
      • Battery Specs : 2900mAH/3.7V Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
      • Battery Backup : 10-12 hours


    • Display: No Display
    • Size:
      • (A) Back:
        • Width: 120mm
        • Height : 120mm
        • Protrusion : 2mm
        • Height(total) : 122mm
      • (B) Front:
        • Width: 117mm
        • Height : 117mm
        • Protrusion : 2mm
        • Height(total) : 119mm
      • Depth: 50mm + 1~1.5 mm(polyester plate)
      • Protrusion location: 38mm from back of device.
    • Weight: 315 grams
    • Material: ABS
    • IP Rating: IP51
    • Operating Temperature: 0-60 degC
    • Operating Humidity: 0-95% RH

    LED Colors

    • The colors of the LED can be used to understand the current status of the device. This is helpful during configuration and setup and also to know when data is being transmitted.
    • The differnet possible colors of the LED and their corresponding device status are:
      • GREEN: Power ON
      • RED: Set-up mode
      • BLUE: Connected to Wi-Fi
      • BLINKING BLUE: Data Transmission


    Note: After making changes via the app, the device must be turned off and on once, and connected to the internet to receive updated settings from the server.

    • Measurement Frequency
      • Default:
        • Cloud Storage: Data is measured every 30 seconds (measurement frequency ) and sent to the server every 1 minute (Sending Frequency).
      • Configurable Measurement frequency
        • Can be changed to 30 sec,1min, 5min, 10min, and 20min via mobile app.
      • Configurable Sending Frequency
        • Can be changed to 1 min, 5min, 10min, and 20min via mobile app.
      • Note:
        • Longer sending frequency reduces power usage and battery backup as sending data to the server is very battery intensive.
        • Longer measurement frequency ensures longer local memory as a fixed number of items are stored in the memory. Also the sensor is turned off in between intervals which may help extend sensor life.


    • Connectivity
      • Wi-Fi :
        • Supports configuring up to 5 Wi-Fi networks including your home, office or personal hotspot
        • Device will automatically connect with the Wi-Fi when it becomes available.
    • Local Memory
      • 6000 time-stamped sample data sets can be saved in case of connectivity failure. Local memory stores data for 2 days to 40 days based on the measurement frequency.
    • Data Interval
      • 30 Seconds to 20 min (Configurable via app).
    • Data Push Protocol
      • HTTP post request to host-server


    • 1 Year warranty against any manufacturing defects.
    • Client responsible for getting devices to our facilities for all servicing. Service time 7-10 working days.
    • Warranty is void if the device is opened, tampered with or electronics damaged due to mechanical shock.
    • Warranty does not include sensor change.
    Airveda Data Plan
    You may optionally purchase our Data Plan which gives you access to our state-of-the-art web Dashboard which provides a comprehensive solution for managing, analyzing and understanding air quality in your projects. Airveda Dashboard is a RESET certified Data Provider and can be used for getting RESET certification for your projects.
    Our diverse catalog of TV display templates enable organizations investing in air purification, to showcase indoor and/or outdoor air quality information to employees or visitors, to help them feel secure regarding the quality of air they are breathing Indoors.
    These features require purchase of our Data plan. Please email if interested to learn more.