Introducing Aira

Aira literally means ‘of the wind’. She is a sweet, kind-hearted and friendly child. She is full of life, vivacious, loves to play. Her smile brightens up your day. She personifies every child out there who loves to skip, swing and dance outdoors in clean fresh air.

She is also the child within each one of us. The child that wants to live in a carefree world, to frolic in the rain, laugh out loud and play with abandon. She embodies each one of us who cares about and is affected by the air we breathe.

Aira - Poor Air Quality

She is deeply connected to the environment around her. The flowers and plants around her reflect the state of her health. Blossoming, bright flowers reflect good clean air. They make her lungs bloom and her heart sing. Withered, dull, drooping and wilted flowers reflect poor and unhealthy air quality. The air in her lungs is the same as the air outside, as the tiny PM2.5 particles go deep into her lungs. They make her lungs turn black. She coughs, wheezes, feels weak and unhappy.

Aira - Hazardous Air Quality

In some ways Aira symbolizes the environment just as much as she does each one of us. When the environment is sick, we are sick. And yet when we are sick, we go see a doctor and take care of ourselves. But when the environment is sick we do nothing. We go about our daily lives hoping that our immune system protects us from the environment but it doesn’t.

Aira - Satisfactory Air Quality

We at Airveda want Aira to breathe well, live well. We created Aira so that we can all see ourselves, our children and our environment reflected in Aira everyday. So we can be curious about how she is feeling and are able to empathize with her. We hope that every morning, you will wake up and check ‘How is Aira today?’ Because Aira is you, me, our children as well as the environment which connects us all and affects our well-being deeply.

So are you ready to ask “How are you today Aira”?

If yes then please download the Airveda app on iOS or Android to meet Aira today and everyday. Aira is also an integral part of Airveda, literally. (Airveda minus ‘ved’).


About the author

Namita Gupta is the founder of Airveda. She founded Airveda to create a citizen movement against air pollution and to help people breathe well, live well. An IIT Delhi alumnus, she has worked many years in the US at Microsoft, and Facebook, and was CPO at Zomato after she returned to India. She is also a proud mom to two little girls.