Case Study: Transforming Air Quality Monitoring at American International School Dhaka

AISD testimonial airveda Case Study Client Name: American International School Dhaka Project Type: Air Quality Management and Awareness Project: School Project Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh No. of Displays: 3 No.of Data Plans: 100

About American International School Dhaka

American International School Dhaka (AISD) is a premier educational institution in Bangladesh's capital city, Dhaka. AISD offers a dynamic learning environment blending academic rigor with diverse extracurricular opportunities. Nestled in the heart of Dhaka, AISD's dedicated faculty fosters creativity, critical thinking, and global citizenship. Committed to excellence, AISD prepares students to excel in an interconnected world while emphasizing integrity and inclusivity. Through innovation and partnerships, AISD continuously enhances its educational offerings to cultivate compassionate, lifelong learners ready to positively impact society.

Problem Statement

In 2021, AISD faced challenges after implementing indoor air quality monitors. Although they successfully tracked air quality, they struggled to present this data in an understandable manner. Attempts to create user-friendly displays and dashboards, including in-house development, proved ineffective. AISD needed a solution to effectively communicate indoor and outdoor air quality information to support technicians and inform school stakeholders.


The AISD team sought a demo from Airveda to explore the solutions offered. The demo resonated with the AISD team, aligning with their needs. In response to the challenges encountered by AISD, Airveda proposed the following solutions:

  • Implementation of TV Displays and Dashboard:

    AISD installed three TV displays and a dashboard to effectively communicate air quality data and monitoring information.

  • Dashboard Utilization:

    The dashboard proved instrumental in identifying previously unnoticed issues, such as classroom air quality complaints and filtration unit problems. Configuring air quality monitors with the Airveda dashboard allowed the AISD team to identify and address issues promptly.

  • TV Display Placement:

    Three rotating TV displays were strategically installed in different parts of the school to raise awareness among students and occupants about indoor air quality.

In this scenario, AISD aimed to utilize Kaiterra devices, and Airveda developed integrations in partnership with Kaiterra and Breatheeasy to incorporate data from Kaiterra devices into the Airveda Dashboard.


Additional initiatives by AISD to keep the occupants and other stakeholders informed about the air quality: -

  • Routine Info Sessions:

    The AISD team conducts routine information sessions independently to ensure everyone is informed about air quality concerns and measures being taken.

  • Integration with AISD Website:

    TV displays are connected to the AISD website voluntarily by the school, enabling parents to remotely monitor air quality in the school premises and make informed decisions.

  • School Flag System:

    AISD voluntarily implemented a School Flag System to identify suitable outdoor activities based on the air quality index, allowing parents to take precautions for children with respiratory issues.

“Airveda's dashboard and displays have been invaluable assets in AISD's journey to enhance Indoor Air Quality. Their tools are quite adaptable, offering swift service support and a receptive ear to our suggestions for modifications. Working with Airveda has been a delight, and we are pleased with their services.”

-Kapil Bohara
Director of Facilities and Operations
American International School Dhaka


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