How to get RESET certification for your commercial interiors

We hear this question from several clients who want to know how to go about getting a RESET certification for commercial interiors.

Why should you get RESET certification?

In this new age of post COVID-19 lockdowns, it has become essential for workspaces to closely monitor indoor environments and air quality and ensure a healthy and hygienic environment for employees to come back safely to work.

More and more studies show that COVID virus can cling to PM2.5 particles and individuals with only 1μg/m3 higher exposure of PM2.5 see an associated 15% increase in the Covid-19 mortality rate. Studies for example the Harvard study which shows that healthy buildings can improve workers performance and Technical University of Denmark study which shows the effects of indoor air quality on productivity and performance clearly show that clean indoor air quality can improve cognitive ability, productivity and performance of employees. Employees spent about 8-10 hours indoors in office space. By providing a clean indoor work environment to employees, companies can reduce sick days and impact of COVID on their workforce as well as improve productivity and save significant costs.

RESET Air is the world’s first sensor-based, performance-driven building certification program where indoor environmental quality is monitored and measured in real-time. Buildings and/or spaces are required to consistently maintain healthy indoor air quality at all times, as defined by the Standard. RESET Air consists of comprehensive standards for hardware or sensor performance, installation, maintenance and data communication.

What are the key steps to getting RESET Air V2.0 certification?

  1. You need RESET Air Accredited Grade A or Grade B monitors

    The first step to certification is to monitor your environment to understand the air quality in your space.


    RESET™ classifies monitors as Grade C(Consumer), Grade B(Commercial), Grade A(Reference). Most monitors on the market today fall in the Grade C(Consumer) grade or below. Airveda monitor PM2510CVTH has been classified as a certified Grade B commercial monitor, making it a trusted monitor with accurate data that can be used for obtaining RESET™ or Well healthy building certifications. Grade A monitors are reference monitors which are used to calibrate Grade B and C monitors and cost upwards of Rs 10 Lakh.


    PM2510CVTH is a complete indoor monitoring solution measuring PM2.5, CO2, TVOC, Temperature and humidity. Learn more about why one should measure CO2 and TVOC indoors. The monitor can be table or wall mounted, and is portable. It can be customized to support Modbus, BACnet for connecting to Building Management systems for automation as well as support Wi-Fi/Ethernet or GSM based on connectivity requirements. It can support a 3.2 inch TFT display or come with no display at all if required.

    Monitor deployment must be based on RESET requirements. The exact requirements will depend upon the specific client site type and set up. All monitors must have continuous power, internet and be wall mounted for continuous data tracking. Missing data must be less than 20% of total data monitored. The Airveda PM2510CVTH provides both protection against internet and power outages with local memory and battery ensuring undisrupted data collection.

  2. You need a RESET™ Air Accredited Data Provider.

    All the data from your monitor- both real-time and historic needs to be available on a data provider where you can analyse the data to ensure you are meeting the relevant standards and then share the data with the RESET™ Assessment Cloud. The data provider must be a RESET™ Air Accredited Data Provider.

    AirVeda platform is a RESET™ Air Accredited Data Provider. The AirVeda platform includes our apps on both iOS and Android as well as a full web dashboard that allows you to track real-time as well as historic data, validate performance of your solution, benchmark against different solutions, generate reports and create customisable TV displays that can be projected onto TV screens. The AirVeda platform also supports APIs to enable other RESET™ certified Grade B monitors to send data to the platform so if you are already working with some other monitors, you can still use AirVeda platform to get RESET™ certification.


    This data is then shared with the RESET™ Assessment Cloud where it is monitored on an on-going basis.

  3. Your interiors needs to meet the RESET™ Air standards

    Next you need to ensure that the daily average air quality data comprising 30 min averaged data during working hours meets the necessary RESET™ Air standards listed below. Note CO sensors are only required for spaces with combustion.

    RESETPM2.5 (ug/m3)TVOC (ug/m3)CO2 (ppm)CO (ppm)
    High performance124006009

    This requires the building to have required levels of fresh air as well as purification in both fresh air and recirculated air. Once the project passes 3 consecutive months of assessment, it is awarded RESET™ Air Certification. If the project fails a month during the 3 consecutive months, the project will have to restart the 3 consecutive months.

    Now with Airveda monitors and AirVeda platform both RESET certified it is easier than ever to get your commercial interiors RESET™ certified. We are excited that now more buildings in India can start applying for RESET™ certifications creating healthier indoor environments for Indian citizens. If you are considering RESET certification please feel free to contact us at


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