Case Study: How Switch On Foundation Utilized Airveda to Educate and Empower Youth

switch on testimonial airveda Case Study Client Name: Switch On Foundation Project Type: AWARENESS Project Location: India

About SwitchOn Foundation

Switch On Foundation, a prominent NGO established in 2008, is dedicated to climate action through Sustainable Agriculture, Clean Energy, Clean Air Advocacy, and Sustainable Cities initiatives. Operating across nine Indian states, the foundation runs two impactful programs.

The Clean Air Sustainable Cities Program focuses on combating air pollution and climate change through strategic interventions, while the Empowering Energy, Water, and Agriculture (EEWA) program empowers marginalized rural communities by promoting renewable energy adoption and organic farming.

This case study delves into Switch On Foundation's pioneering efforts in educating the youth about the pressing threats of air pollution and other environmental challenges with the help of Airveda’s air quality monitors .

Problem Statement


Five years ago, in response to alarming reports such as the Lancet Commission's findings on the severe consequences of air pollution, Switch On Foundation sprang into action. Driven by a commitment to combat this pressing threat, the foundation's founding team set out to engage and educate young minds while also influencing policy. Recognizing the transformative potential of knowledge, Switch On embarked on a mission to install real-time air quality monitors in schools. This pivotal initiative aimed to equip students with vital data and awareness, empowering them to initiate behavioral changes and advocate for effective policy measures in the fight against air pollution.


  • 1. Establishment of School Networks:

    • Switch Foundation has established networks in West Bengal and Jharkhand to foster collaboration with a variety of esteemed educational institutions.
    • In Jharkhand, these include:
      • JPP International Public School
      • Seven Stars Academy
      • Dwarika Memorial Foundation Academy
      • St. Michael's School
      • Kairali School
      • Firayalal Public School
      • Sunrises Public School
      • Kids Garden Secondary School

    • In West Bengal, the network includes:
      • Kendriya Vidyalaya Asansol
      • Asansol Old Station School (H.S)
      • Douglas Memorial Higher Secondary School
      • Burdwan Municipal High School
      • M.A.M.C Township Modern High School (H.S.)
      • Nepali Para Hindi High School
      • G.P.S. Memorial School
      • Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2 Saltlake
      • Sri Sri Academy, Kolkata (SSA)
      • Shri Shikshayatan School
      • Baidyapara High School
      • Birla High School, Mukundapur
      • Titagarh AGM High School
      • Andhra Association School
      • Durgapur Rai Rani Devi Girls High School
      • St. Joseph's College
      • Shemford Futuristic School
      • Udaypalli Sikshaniketan High School
      • Manimala Girls High School
      • Calcutta International School
  • 2. Formation of Youth Clubs:

    • Students from three schools in West Bengal and two schools in Odisha have formed youth clubs.
    • These clubs conduct workshops to raise awareness about air quality and the importance of air quality monitoring using Airveda Monitors.
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  • 3. Engagement through Interface Design:

    • The interface design of Airveda Monitors facilitated understanding of concepts such as Air Quality Index and Particulate Matters.
    • Students gained knowledge about harmful pollutants, empowering them to conduct micro research papers using Airveda Indoor Monitors.
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  • 4. Encouragement of Research and Innovation:

    • Some students expressed increased interest in research and innovation in air quality monitoring as a result of using Airveda Monitors.


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