Case Study: The Collaborative Journey of Airveda and Warrior Moms in India

Case Study Client Name: Warrior Moms Project Type: AWARENESS Project Location: India

About Warrior moms

Warrior Moms is a collective of mothers from all over India fighting for children's right to breathe clean air. They do it by creating awareness on sources of air pollution and climate change, educating and empowering citizens to take action, and engaging with decision makers to enforce regulations. Their mission is to create a society where clean air, our basic human right, is accessible to all, especially children for a healthy and productive life.

Awareness program on how household air pollution affects women’s health

In many rural areas and slums across India, the traditional practice of cooking with firewood persists due to the financial constraints of poor families, as LPG cylinders are prohibitively expensive, costing around 1000 INR.

Recognizing this challenge, Warrior Moms have taken a proactive initiative to educate women in these communities about the harmful effects of air pollution on their health. By sharing knowledge and advocating for cleaner cooking alternatives, these dedicated mothers strive to empower these families to make informed choices for their well-being.


Picture courtesy: Sudharak Olwe, Warrior Moms

Solution: Warrior Moms has partnered with Airveda to use our handheld monitors to help these women see firsthand what sort of air they are breathing when they are cooking with firewood. They refer to our monitors as their ‘weapon’ in their fight to educate these women.


Picture Credit: Help Delhi Breathe

Warrior moms use our monitors to actively engage in creating awareness for household ladies regarding indoor air quality. In the images below, women are being instructed on how to effectively monitor and comprehend the thresholds of harmful air pollutants. This knowledge empowers them to safeguard the health and well-being of their households, contributing to a healthier living environment with the help of Airveda Indoor air quality monitors.


Warrior Moms recently utilized Airveda monitors in their research studies. ARNEC published a study titled Assessing the Willingness to Adopt Cleaner Cooking Fuels among Migrant Labor Families in the National Capital Region of India authored by Bhavreen Kandhari, Co-Founder @Warrior Moms, India

Educating children about Air pollution

Warrior moms are extending their impact beyond households by taking the initiative to educate children in schools about the critical issue of air pollution. Through hands-on demonstrations and real-time data from Airveda devices, children gain a firsthand understanding of the impact of air pollutants, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility and empowering them to make informed choices for a cleaner, healthier future.


In the above pictures, Farheen Naaz, A Warrior Mom is using the Airveda monitor to help educate students on particulate matter, its harmful effects, and what the actual number they see on a monitor, Govt websites or air quality displays means. Farheen is an experienced education management professional and Menstrual Coach, she also co-founded WeTheChange, focusing on period education in India, and volunteers for social causes while managing projects in the Education and Skill Development sectors.

Airveda X Warrior Moms

Airveda is the story of a mother who transformed a personal need into an inventive solution. Mrs. Namita Gupta, the founder of Airveda, with a family history of asthma, returned to Delhi with her two daughters and husband after spending 13 years in the US. The concerning levels of air pollution in the city resulted in a significant health issue for her daughter, inspiring the creation of Airveda.

The mission of Airveda strongly resonates with that of Warrior Moms. Airveda is honored to collaborate with a movement like Warrior Moms, enhancing the meaningful purpose of our mission

“Airveda is the weapon we wield for our mission.”

Co-founder of Warrior Moms


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